I enjoy the positivity and enthusiasm of the blind students who come here to study. I am glad to be a part of it”.

Hema Shah, Volunteer at VMSB

Volunteering is a beautiful journey of growth, enriching not only another person’s life but even our own through this process of giving. This giving is of simple things – a little time and attention, some compassion, a bit of confidence, a word of encouragement – that is all you need to offer and that is enough to begin a transformation in someone’s life.

The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind and VMS Learning Centre have been supported by countless citizens over the past 100 years. Citizens who have contributed their time and efforts to help a differently abled child get an education, learn life skills and stand on their feet as individuals who, instead of becoming a burden, can contribute to the growth of their families and our society.

Here are just a few examples of how you can become an ambassador for the betterment of differently abled children and help change their lives.

We’d also love to hear from you about other things you would enjoy doing. Get in touch with us at 022-23531236 / 022- 23532979 or vm@blindschool.net

Loved the library in your school? Help our students enjoy one too.

  • Read for students with visual impairment or low vision
  • Create audio-based course curriculum
  • Source books in Braille or audio books
  • Help students fill online applications


Crazy about technology?

  • Design / help source software that helps visually impaired children access computers.
  • Do online research about foundations and trusts that support education or empowerment of differently abled individuals.


Support all-round development of visually impaired children:

  • Hold / arrange for workshops in activities like self-development, career counselling, gardening, pottery, music and drama, personal hygiene etc.
  • Tag a few friends along and play sports to help the children learn team skills.
  • Arrange for any special-skills workshops that will help our students.


Lead the way for others:

  • Let your office know about our beautiful conference rooms available for hire
  • Team up with your friends and family to volunteer as a group
  • Help us hold a sensitisation talk in your colony / office
  • Organise festive sales / fairs to raise funds towards children’s education
  • Promote the cause in your office by helping us put up posters
  • Help organise events and activities at the school
  • Help us find inroads at events and exhibitions where children can showcase their talents


Become the digital voice of children with special needs:

  • Interact on our Facebook and YouTube pages
  • Share the posts on your pages and with your friends
  • Tag your friends in posts you like on the VMSB page, let them know you support a great cause
  • Help us capture amazing moments of the students in photos and videos
  • Write online about how you have seen the lives of children change at VMSB
  • Share your volunteering experiences on your blog


Have a way with words?

  • Write articles about the lives of students with visual impairment and how education has changed them
  • Write content for our site and social media
  • Help us connect with journalists, bloggers, writers


I feel proud to say that I am a volunteer of the Victoria Memorial School – Library Resource Centre.      I volunteer here for 3 days in a week, it gives me immense satisfaction.  The VMS, Library is a big resource providing the Blind youth with books on various subjects in the form of CDs, tapes etc.  The Library also supports them with guidance and coaching to appear for competitive exams.  It is really a very dedicated team of people bringing in change in the lives of the Blind”.

Nitin Mugle, Volunteer at VMSB