Excellent Facilities for Students

The School’s academic programme is supported by a range of facilities to help students keep pace with a rapidly changing world.


The Centre for Computer Education leverages technology specially designed to help visually impaired people master computer literacy – a necessity in today’s world.

Thanks to support from patrons like you, VMS is able to facilitate students with advanced software like JAWS (Job Access with Speech) that incorporates sounds and audio instructions to guide students through various programmes, and helps them acquire skills that enhance their employability.

At the computer centre, students also have access to specially designed, audio-based curricula across various subjects of their interest. These courses give learners a chance to pursue their talents and flourish in a competitive world.

Your contributions can ensure continued availability of such special-needs education tools for students without sight.

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“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.”
― Sidney Sheldon

The VMSB Library and Resource Centre is a treasure trove of knowledge for the students and non-student members alike.

With a wide variety of learning tools such as books in Braille, computers with special-access software like JAWS, audio CDs on various subjects and recreational music, the Library and Resource Centre opens the doors to a joyful new world of learning.

The Centre also has printed books, CCTV reading devices with magnifiers for members with partial sight or low vision, as well as special equipment that converts printed study material into Braille.

The Centre welcomes any individual with visual impairment or low vision and is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to read for the members, provide subject-matter guidance beyond the classrooms and also help them submit online application forms for advanced courses outside the school. In addition to this, the centre regularly organises talks and workshops to help build the morale of the students and guest members.

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Rekha Ghanekar, volunteer reader, shares, “The VMSB Library Resource Centre is doing a great job of providing guidance and support to the blind youth aspiring for private and public sector jobs. It provides assistance ranging from filling of forms to providing study material, reader and scribe for exams. The extensive availability of books and CDs on different subjects and languages is the beauty of the Resource centre”.



The Conversational English programme empowers students to converse in English more fluently and also creates a foundation for those interested in pursuing higher studies.

Although a majority of our students hail from non-English-speaking families, the tireless efforts of the faculty and sheer perseverance of the students themselves has enabled the success of this programme. Students pass out of this programme with a new sense of confidence and access to several new vocational avenues to secure their future.


Another step towards our goal of ensuring the all-round development of our children is the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program and Vedic Maths classes conducted at the school.

The Abacus classes are offered to students up till Std. VII, post which students can enrol for the Vedic Maths class up till Std X. These additional classes not only help to boost the arithmetic and calculation skills but also actively engage the brain and strengthen concentration. Similar to all the other programmes offered to our children, these classes too have a therapeutic benefit on the children and are an excellent means of teaching the differently-abled children in a special way.