Beyond Academics

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

At The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind we believe that a well-rounded personality is the first step to a successful future.

Students are offered a variety of co-curricular activities to choose from, based on their areas of interest. These give children an atmosphere to learn while they play and the opportunity to enhance their physical fitness, strengthen their motor skills, learn team building and interaction skills, enhance their problem-solving abilities, think freely and innovate and most importantly, give them a chance to enjoy a carefree, joyful childhood, just as it should be.

Several students have continued to pursue these activities professionally and are creating a stable life for themselves and their families.


Pottery, candle-making, paper bag-making

Cricket, physical fitness classes, mallakhamb, yoga, chess

Excursions and field trips, gardening, horticulture


Music offers our children a therapeutic experience, sharpening their brain’s cognitive powers as well as enhancing their motor skills and listening abilities. Several research programmes have proven the effect of positive sounds on the mind and body, and we have seen it change lives. The music classes not only have helped our students develop a sense of belonging to one’s team but also build self-confidence. It is no wonder that the music therapy class is one of the most loved activities by our children. In the school’s music room, children are trained in vocals and instruments such as the harmonium, tabla, and flute.

Several of our children continue to practice music even after passing out of the school and have often transformed their childhood passion into a secure vocation. Some of our students have delivered breath-taking live performances at corporate events, large music concerts and television shows like Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega, India’s Got Talent, Bade acchhe lagte hain, Marathi Paol padte pudhe and the 102nd Edition of the Indian Science Congress at Mumbai.



The VMSB and VMS Learning Centre offer special educational and physical therapies to help develop basic skills in children with visual impairment and special needs. The range of therapies is designed to develop their physical and mental abilities as well as their individual aptitude.
The therapies include occupational therapy, educational therapy, speech therapy, behavioural therapy, yoga, music and dance therapy and clay therapy.

Programmes are often customised per the requirements of individual children and are open to all children with special needs across the city.


Music Room

Computer Center


Library cum Resource Center