Our Academic Programme

At the Victoria Memorial School, we are committed to helping our visually impaired students, mostly
from underprivileged backgrounds, to grow and flourish in a nurturing environment.



VMSB offers free of cost education, boarding, lodging and vocational skills programmes to almost 100 visually challenged students every year.

Along with educational guidance, special medical care, sports and music training, occupational training and preparatory coaching for 45 common entrance exams are some of the efforts undertaken by the school to ensure the overall development of the children.

The school follows the Maharashtra state board curriculum, with Marathi being the primary medium of education.

At present, the school conducts classes up to Std. VIII following which students are guided into mainstream schools to complete their schooling. To prepare them for this change, the students are taken through special coaching and mainstreaming programmes that smoothen their transition and integration into educational institutes with regular teaching methods and children without disabilities. VMSB provides extensive support to ensure the admission and well-being of its alumni, even while they study at regular schools. An important component of this support is the free-of-cost boarding and lodging at the VMSB hostel that the students continue to receive till they complete Std. X.

Students with higher academic aspirations are further supported to secure college admissions. The school assists interested students to find affordable boarding and lodging facilities in the city.

The VMSB faculty and board are hopeful to extend the classes up to Std. X within the school itself, to provide the children with a safer environment to complete their school education.

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